Monday, August 16, 2010

Spirit, Mind, Body Triathlon in Pictures

My transition area before the start of the race. Please notice my bike has a kick stand. It was one of a few there that did. "Racing" bikes don't have a kickstand so they hang from a bar. They are also lighter and more aerodynamic. I might get one next year, but I want everyone to know you don't have to have a nice bike to participate in a triathlon.

Here I am before the race. I opted to wear a 2 piece swimsuit and tri shorts for the swim. After the swim, I added my bike jersey. One women did the entire triathlon in her swimsuit. I was really impressed. I couldn't do that because my thighs would rub together on the run.

Here's Amy before the race. She wore a swimsuit and quick drying shorts. She put on a tank top after the swim. She's holding her swim cap. I'd never worn a swim cap before. Apparently you're supposed to fill them with water before putting them on so they don't pull your hair.

My transition area after the race. Somehow all my stuff expanded and I couldn't fit everything into my backpack.

All cleaned up and ready to get some lunch. We rested and showered, then realized we were pretty hungry. We celebrated our accomplishment with pizza and beer. We also went to see Eat, Pray, Love. It was so nice to sit in the cool movie theater until we had to get up. That was a bit unpleasant.

Amy's mom has more pictures, including some during the race and after the finish before we changed. Hopefully, I'll get them soon and can add a few more.


Stephanie said...

I think its so awesome that yall accomplished the tri - way to go! And you look awesome! Loving the short hair!!!

XichthusX said...

That is great sister. Congrats on being an IronWoman!!!! I am so happy for you. Keep it up.