Friday, September 24, 2010

Relearning How to Ride a Bike

Since I'd like to do another triathlon, I decided I needed a new bike. I went to my favorite bike store, Clarksville Schwinn and Cycling and asked to see their entry level (cheaper) models. I tried a few and the one that seemed best was a Cannondale Cad 8. I also bought clipless pedals that match the cleats in my spinning shoes so I can use them for now.

My new bike

Due to other things we had going on this weekend, I didn't get to ride my new bike until Monday. I started by checking the tires. I couldn't get a good seal between the bike pump and the valve and ended up letting all the air our of my tires. After checking the internet for instructions, I determined I was following the correct steps, I just didn't have a good pump. So, I went back to the bike store and bought a high pressure pump. With it, it took me about a minute to pump my tires to 120 PSI. It was an investment piece, but worth it.

Then it was time to get on my bike. I straddled it and got one foot clipped in and took off. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the other foot clipped in or the clipped in foot out, so I fell in our yard. I looked around and was glad no one was around to see me. I got back up and tried again with the other foot, but that attempt also ended with me on the ground. Thankfully, both times I fell it was in the grass so I wasn't hurt. Then I remembered Caitlin talking about practicing in a doorway. The bike and I came inside and I practiced clipping in and riding about 6 feet in our hallway before I was ready to go back outside.

My adoring fans

After returning outside, I managed to get on and ride around our subdivision without falling. This included clipping out and back in at stop signs. I was very pleased, but decided to delay a real ride until Wednesday.

Wednesday after work, I went out for a 10 mile ride down to the river and into Utica. I felt great going out and was getting 15+ miles per hour. Then I turned around and was riding into the wind. This did not feel great and my speed really slowed down. I ended up averaging 13.58 miles per hour. I want to get up to 15 or 16 mph, so obviously I will need some more practice. The great thing about biking is it is a wonderful recovery the day after a long run, so I will be out at least weekly while training for the half-marathon.

And, I have an update on the half-marathon. We've decided to change to the Monumental Marathon and Half-Marathon Nov 6 in Indianapolis. The drive is shorter and it gives us more time to train. Indy is one of my favorite cities and this race starts and ends near the State Capitol Building in downtown, which is a beautiful building. I've walked all over downtown in my visits, so I'm excited to run it.

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XichthusX said...

Great to know you survived your bike attacks! Please call us when you are coming into town or the night before so we can try to meet you guys at some point in the day for a visit. I would love that!!