Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Pumpkining

This year for Halloween, I wanted to get pumpkins to carve. Then I saw a post about a blogger carving contest and wanted to do it even more.

Last Saturday the hospital I work for hosted a provider outing at Huber's, a local farm and restaurant. I love their fried biscuits and apple butter and they have tractor rides to a pumpkin patch, so I signed up. Unfortunately, there were no fried biscuits and I was sore from my long runs earlier that day, so I decided to pick from the pumpkins at the farm store rather then going out to the patch.

Tonight I carved the pumpkin. I used a pattern, but it's still a lot of work. I haven't carved a pumpkin in years and had forgotten the effort required. I think it turned out great and can't wait to light them for trick-or-treating. What do you think?

Ghost in a Graveyard


Anonymous said...

Very impressive!

Renata said...

Love, love, love the pumpkins!

Elizabeth said...


Carly (Swim, Run, Om) said...

Hey girl ... can you email me at carlysharec[at]gmail[dot]com? Thanks!

XichthusX said...

WHOA! Great hob guys. Very well done.