Friday, January 14, 2011

Pole Fitness

Have you tried Groupon? Basically, it's a website that sells gift certificates to local businesses for a discount. I signed up last summer for a discount canoe trip. They email you a deal each day and you decide if you want to buy it. When an email came a few months ago inviting me to try an intro pole dancing class, I bought it. I tried to get a couple of my friends to join me, but the deal was sold-out before we could work out the details. So, tonight, I joined 3 other ladies for an Intro to Pole Dance Fitness class at Modern Day Fitness. Just so we're clear, pole dance fitness is "artistic dance movements using a vertical pole" (

Our instructor was Ashauna and she was fabulous. We started the class with a basic stretching routine that Ashauna led us through it in a slow, relaxing manor. Then we moved onto some difficult ab work involving our legs. After the warm-up, Ashauna showed us the routine we would be learning. Watching her, I was unsure if I'd be able to do all the moves, but I was determined to try.

We started by learning where to stand in relation to the pole and how to hold and walk around it. We practiced walking and turning around for several minutes, until everyone was comfortable. Since the class size is small (4 people), you get a lot of personal feedback. Next, we learned the flamingo, a move that has you wrap one leg around the pole and lean to the opposite side. Surprisingly this is easier on your non-dominant side.

After the flamingo, was the fireman, which is spinning around the pole in the air. This was the move that worried me the most since I can't jump. Ashauna taught us how to use momentum to start the spin and lift our legs into the correct position. I did manage to achieve a spin, but for most of the class, I hit my shins during this move and have some lovely bruises today.

We also learned the 180° turn, the snake, the bunny, and the pole squat. We practiced everything separately, then practiced them to music as a routine. We preformed the routine to several songs and each time Ashauna would give it a slight variation. I finally managed to preform the fireman without hurting myself during the last song.

Ovarall, I really enjoyed the class. The workout was more toning and strength than cardio, but we got some cardio at the end as we danced. Ashauna was very skilled at explaining how to preform a move and then giving you specific feedback to improve. Her personality made me feel very comfortable and secure. I'm not sure if I'll continue taking classes, but that's only because of time constraints. They also offer parties and I would love to get a group together for one sometime.

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